Stone & Tile Selection: An Introduction

Stone & Tile Selection: What You Should Know About Stone & Tile Selection

Stone & Tile Selection can be known as the most important step of stone and tile installation projects. It’s important that you use the services of a stone & tile expert to ensure you receive a beautiful finished product.

Use the 9 Step Stone & Tile Selection Checklist when inspecting the stone slabs you intend to use in your project. You will find out more about the stone & tile you intend to use and you’ll get a better idea for the best installation.

Let’s imagine that you were selecting granite for your kitchen countertops. We would take the following steps:

1. Do you see any natural fissures, veins, spots in the slabs that you do not want to see in your kitchen? Fissures appear as narrow cracks, small pits or sometimes pin holes in the stone. These fissures are not necessarily problems with the stone but are usually part of the natural formation of the stone.
If you see some fissures that detract from the stones beauty, ask the fabricator to skip them. It’s not common for a fabricator to commit to avoiding natural blemishes. But, if you don’t like what you see, then choose different stone slabs.

2. Review with your stone fabricator the direction your kitchen stone will be cut with the slabs. The veining angle you see in your kitchen can make a big difference. Ask your fabricator for their ideas and discuss this until you are sure this is what you want.

3. Another thing you need to check, which can even tell you which stone slab you should use, is to feel the surface of the stone and determine if there are any open fissures that you will not be happy with.

4. Discuss the edge detail and how it might will look on your chosen granite. Some stones develop a patina over time from being exposed to sunlight or from contaminates in the air. When the granite edge is made, “fresh” stone is seen and does not have the same patina. Typically the new edge will appear lighter in most cases even after polishing. This is common with some red and green stones. Also, reviewltake a look at the edge detail style after choosing your granite. A very fancy edge on an exotic granite will take over the room.
You want to see full sized edge detail remant samples from your fabricator. Take the samples home and try them out. This can give you a better idea of how your edge selection may look in you kitchen. Here’s a short video of Ron sharing stone edging. To give you some more ideas here are some edging drawings: Edge Profiles.

5. Be sure to review with your fabricator where your seams (if any) will be required and how they will appear.

6. Make sure that you view the granite in the right lighting. One error that some people make is that they view granite outside on a cloudy day. That typically will not show the real appearance. Ideally you can look at the slab under good indoor lighting. Again, ask your fabricator to take a couple pieces of stone you are considering home to view under natural and indoor lighting before final decision.

7. Honed granite has a smooth stone surface without glare. The stone will have a matte like appearance. Also, a perfectly honed granite finish is one without scratch marks. If you are considering “honed granite”, be sure to discuss the higher maintenance issues with the fabricator. We strongly suggest honed granite be professionally sealed. Also, we oppose the use of black absolute honed granite for kitchens. While we understand the contemporary design intent, consider the high maintenance issues such as fingerprints, continual dusting, and cooking oil marks that you cannot remove. Even routine cleaning may damage honed black granite.

8. You can know if you are at the right slab selection yard if you receive education from the sales associate. After covering the steps above, if you still have several colors in mind, go with the granite choice choice that “moves” you. It’s quite common that several granite colors will work in your kitchen.

9. But, after reviewing all of your choices, check your feelings and make your decision. Your decision will be one you will truly enjoy.
To review, here’s a short video of Ron summarizing what we just talked about: Selecting Your Stone.

We sincerely hope that you’ve found this article about Stone & Tile Selection very
educational and informative. There are a number of sites and articles that can tell you more about your best stone & tile selection. C.L. Frost, Inc. for your Monterey Stone & Tile, Sand City, CA 93955.

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